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          P.O. Box 631 Station A
          Toronto, ON, M1K 5E9

          Part Time Learning

          Found 1175 courses

          Course Code Course Name Category
          ABIO-012 ACE Biology Distance Learning
          ABST-101 Aboriginal Identity Distance Learning
          ABST-121 Aboriginal Relationships Distance Learning
          ABST-201 Aboriginal Governance and Sovereignty Distance Learning
          ABST-210 Aboriginal Strategy/Decisions Distance Learning
          ABST-251 Aboriginal Challenges and Advocacy Distance Learning
          ACAF-100 Ethics And Workplace Skills Accounting
          ACAF-101 Applied External Audit Accounting
          ACAF-102 Applied Personal and Corporate Taxation Accounting
          ACAF-105 Business Applications Accounting
          ACCT-112 Financial Accounting 1 Accounting
          ACCT-123 Financial Accounting Concepts Accounting
          ACCT-150 Small Business Software Accounting
          ACCT-221 Financial Accounting 2 Accounting
          ACCT-222 Management Accounting 1 Accounting
          ACCT-224 Corporate Finance 1 Accounting
          ACCT-226 Taxation 1 Accounting
          ACCT-228 Accounting Microcomputer Applications 1 Accounting
          ACCT-256 Intermediate Accounting 1 Accounting
          ACCT-257 Accounting Information Systems Accounting
          ACCT-265 Intermediate Accounting 2 Accounting
          ACCT-322 Management Accounting 2 Accounting
          ACCT-331 Auditing 1 (Financial) Accounting
          ACCT-332 Auditing 2 (External) Accounting
          ACCT-334 Corporate Finance 2 Accounting
          ACCT-336 Taxation 2 Accounting
          ACCT-356 Intermediate Accounting 2 Accounting
          ACCT-357 Accounting Systems 2 Accounting
          ACCT-360 Advanced Accounting Accounting
          ACCT-361 Introduction to Forensic Accounting Distance Learning
          ACCT-722 Advanced Managerial Accounting Business
          ACCT-725 Accounting Theory and Policy Distance Learning
          ACCT-755 Advanced Financial Management Distance Learning
          ACHE-012 ACE Chemistry Distance Learning
          ACMP-012 ACE Computers Distance Learning
          ACOM-012 ACE Communications Distance Learning
          ADCM-101 Introduction to Direct Response Media, Arts and Design
          ADCM-102 Persuasive Communication Media, Arts and Design
          ADCM-103 Introduction to Mobile Marketing Media, Arts and Design
          ADDN-200 Withdrawal Management, Overdose Prevention & Harm Reduction Health Professionals
          ADDN-201 Psychopharmacology for Addiction Treatment Health Professionals
          ADDN-202 Trauma-Informed & Solution Focused Counseling Health Professionals
          ADDN-203 Addictions Case Management Health Professionals
          ADDN-204 Systems Navigation & Select Population Health Professionals
          AGIP-302 Agile Project Management Information Technology & Computers
          AIRC-100 Canadian Aviation Regulations,Safety and Human Factors Distance Learning
          ALTL-101 ACE Learn To Learn Distance Learning
          AMAT-012 ACE Core Math Distance Learning
          AMAT-014 ACE Business Mathematics Distance Learning
          AMAT-015 ACE Apprentice Mathematics Distance Learning
          AMAT-016 ACE Technology Math Distance Learning
          ANGJ-001 AngularJS Information Technology & Computers
          APHY-012 ACE Physics Distance Learning
          ARCH-102 Architectural Computer-Aided Drafting 1 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          ARCH-206 History of Architecture Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          ASDM-101 The Art of Software Development Management Information Technology & Computers
          ASEL-012 ACE Self Management and Self Direction Distance Learning
          ATCF-100 Cours de technicien d`alarme (CTA) - Membre Distance Learning
          ATCO-100 Alarm Technician Course - Members Distance Learning
          ATCW-100 Alarm Technician Course - Non Members Distance Learning
          ATFW-100 Cours de technicien dalarme (CTA) Non Membre Distance Learning
          BCSM-100 Grow Your Business with Social Media Media, Arts and Design
          BI-321 Professional Practice (Biotechnology) BI-321 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          BIDA-100 Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Information Technology & Computers
          BISS-002 SQL Server 2012 Analysis 中国福利彩票客户端 Cube Development
          BRPN-100 Basic Math for Healthcare Providers Health Professionals
          BRPN-101 Introduction to Human Biology Health Professionals
          BRPN-102 Therapeutic Communication Health Professionals
          BRPN-103 Strategies for Academic Success Health Professionals
          BSAF-300 Business Analysis Foundation Information Technology & Computers
          BSCI-601 Applied Behaviour Analysis - Intro Child & Family Studies
          BSCI-602 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Child & Family Studies
          BSCI-604 Working with Families and Tems Child & Family Studies
          BSCI-609 Treating Challenging Behaviours Child & Family Studies
          BSCI-610 Transition Planning and Implementation Child & Family Studies
          BSCI-612 Specialized Instructional Strategies Child & Family Studies
          BSCI-615 Behavioural Skill Building Child & Family Studies
          BSCI-616 Parent and Staff Training Child & Family Studies
          BSCI-618 Ethics and Professionalism
          BUSN-110 Strategies for Business Success Business
          BUSN-119 Business Fundamentals Business
          BUSN-122 Customer Service and Relationship Building Business
          BUSN-210 Career Exploration Business
          BUSN-225 Intro to Research Methods and Data Analysis Business
          BUSN-226 Business Analysis Business
          BUSN-228 Leadership and Innovation Business
          BUSN-313 Career Action Business
          BUSN-325 Intro to Research Methods and Data Analysis 2 Business
          BUSN-331 Business Law Business
          BUSN-332 Business Strategy Business
          BUSN-333 Business Culture and Coll. Pract Business
          BUSN-350 Business Ethics Business
          CARE-104 Reflexology Health Professionals
          CCCM-101 Content Creation Basics Media, Arts and Design
          CCCM-102 Writing for the Web Media, Arts and Design
          CCCM-103 Visual Design & Layout Media, Arts and Design
          CCLI-100 Leadership and Inclusion: Understanding Todays Workplace Distance Learning
          CCLI-200 Reflecting on Personal and Professional Values Distance Learning
          CCLI-300 Leadership and Inclusion: Cultivating Cultures of Inclusion through Organizational Change Distance Learning
          CCLI-400 Leadership and Inclusion: Effective Practices and Policies for Inclusion and Inclusive Leadership Distance Learning
          CCPR-101 Standard First Aid (SFA) with BLS Health Professionals
          CCPR-102 CPR/AED Level BLS Health Professionals
          CCPR-103 CPR/AED Level C Recertification Health Professionals
          CCPR-104 CPR/AED Level C Health Professionals
          CCPR-105 CPR/AED Level HCP Recertification Health Professionals
          CCTC-103 A+ IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-201 Introduction to Linux Essentials Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-202 Linux Configuration Fundamentals Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-203 Linux Advanced Configuration Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-301 Introduction to Networks - In Class Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-302 Routing and Switching Essentials - In Class Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-303 Scaling Networks - In Class Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-304 Connecting Networks - In Class Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-404 Linux System Overview Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-419 Windows Server 2016 Installation, Storage, and Compute Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-420 Windows 10 Installing and Configuring Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-501 Introduction to Networks Distance Learning
          CCTC-502 Routing and Switching Essentials Distance Learning
          CCTC-503 Scaling Networks Distance Learning
          CCTC-504 Scaling Networks Distance Learning
          CCTC-505 Implementing IP Routing Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-509 Maintaining and Troubleshooting IP Networks Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-517 CCNA Security Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-600 Programming Essentials in Python Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-601 HP ATA - Connected Devices Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-602 HP ATA - Networks Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-604 HP ATA - Cloud Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-701 VMware vSphere: ICM (Install, Configure and Manage) Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-702 VMware Workstation Pro Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-801 CCNA Cybersecurity Operations Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-901 A+ Boot Camp Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-902 CCNA Routing and Switching Bootcamp Information Technology & Computers
          CCTC-907 CCENT Routing and Switching Bootcamp Information Technology & Computers
          CCVV-101 Introduction to Inclusion Lifestyle & Leisure
          CCVV-102 Behaviours - Recognizing and Supporting Lifestyle & Leisure
          CCVV-402 Accessibility: 中国福利彩票客户端, Vehicle, Community Lifestyle & Leisure
          CEAB-920 Introductory Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Transportation
          CEAB-925 Paintless Dent Removal PDR Level 2 Transportation
          CEAB-942 Damage Appraisal Transportation
          CEAC-800 Aircraft Sheet Metal Transportation
          CEAD-109 Digital Imaging Media, Arts and Design
          CEAD-111 Colour Studio Media, Arts and Design
          CEAD-114 Drawing 1 Media, Arts and Design
          CEAD-115 Digital Art & Design Studio Media, Arts and Design
          CEAD-116 Visual Design Fundamentals Media, Arts and Design
          CEAD-117 Time-based Art and Design Media, Arts and Design
          CEAD-121 3D Art and Design Studio Media, Arts and Design
          CEAD-124 Drawing 2 Media, Arts and Design
          CEAD-126 Professional Practice Media, Arts and Design
          CEAD-127 Visual Culture Media, Arts and Design
          CEAD-199 Creativity in Context Media, Arts and Design
          CEAF-804 Internal Combustion Alternative Fuel Technician (Natural Gas) Transportation
          CEAF-811 Internal Combustion Alternate Fuel Technician (Propane) Transportation
          CEAI-300 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Information Technology & Computers
          CEAM-800 Automotive Air Conditioning Transportation
          CEAM-801 Automotive Engines Level 1 Transportation
          CEAM-802 Automotive Engines Level 2 Transportation
          CEAM-803 Electrical Electronics Level 1 Transportation
          CEAM-804 Electrical Electronics Level 2 Transportation
          CEAM-919 Automotive Service Advisor - Level 1 Distance Learning
          CEAM-963 Automotive Service Advisor-Level 2 Distance Learning
          CEAP-900 Intro. To Autobody Transportation
          CEAP-902 Automotive Painting Transportation
          CEAP-903 Advance Automotive Painter Transportation
          CEAP-904 Advance Auto body CEAP-904 Transportation
          CEAU-900 Automotive Exam Pre-Preparation (310S) Transportation
          CEAV-100 Accessible Vehicle Training Transportation
          CEAV-101 Accessible Driver Part 2 Transportation
          CEBI-108 Biological Techniques Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CEBR-801 Suspension and Alignment 1 Transportation
          CEBR-802 ABS Brakes Transportation
          CEBR-803 Suspension and Alignment 2 Transportation
          CEBS-101 Research Proposal Planning and Design Distance Learning
          CEBS-105 Business Report Writing Distance Learning
          CEBS-106 Small Business Operations and Legal Issues Distance Learning
          CEBS-107 Small Business Financial Management Distance Learning
          CEBS-108 Managing the Small Business Distance Learning
          CEBS-109 Supervisory Skills for Business and Industry Distance Learning
          CEBS-110 Supervisory Skills for Small Business Distance Learning
          CEBS-115 Customer Service Business
          CEBS-120 Retail Management Distance Learning
          CEBS-121 Managing the Retail Workplace Distance Learning
          CEBS-870 How to Start a Small Business Distance Learning
          CEBW-201 Writing Grammatically Distance Learning
          CEBW-208 Essentials of Writing Fiction Distance Learning
          CEBW-301 Business Writing Strategies Distance Learning
          CEBW-302 Critical Thinking (Contemporary Canadian Issues) Distance Learning
          CEBW-303 Technical Communication Distance Learning
          CEBW-305 Writing a Proposal Distance Learning
          CEBW-307 Web Writing and Design Distance Learning
          CEBW-308 Writing Sales Material Distance Learning
          CEBW-311 Writing - Project Management Distance Learning
          CECA-931 AutoCAD Module 1 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CECA-932 AutoCAD Module 2 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CECA-933 AutoCAD Module 3 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CECA-939 Mechanical Drafting (ACAD) Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CECA-940 Introduction to Surfaces (MASTERCAM) Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CECA-941 Solid Model Creation (MASTERCAM) Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CECA-942 3D Machining (MASTERCAM) Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CECA-945 CAD/CAM Wire EDM Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CECC-401 Critical Care Concepts 1 Health Professionals
          CECC-402 Critical Care Concepts 2 Health Professionals
          CECC-404 Intensive Care Nursing Health Professionals
          CECC-410 Post-Anaesthesia Care Nursing Health Professionals
          CECC-412 Post Anaesthesia Nursing for Phase ll Nurses Health Professionals
          CECC-903 Advanced Acute Care Practice Health Professionals
          CECC-904 Critical Care Advanced Nursing Practices Health Professionals
          CECC-908 Acute Care Placement Health Professionals
          CECF-108 Tools and Processes for Communicators Media, Arts and Design
          CECF-111 Introduction to Media Media, Arts and Design
          CECF-116 Building the Communications Media Portfolio Media, Arts and Design
          CECF-117 Building Communications Portfolio Skills 2 Media, Arts and Design
          CECF-118 Multimedia 1 Media, Arts and Design
          CECF-201 Introduction to Media Writing Media, Arts and Design
          CECF-218 Multimedia 2 Media, Arts and Design
          CECP-101 Programming 1 Information Technology & Computers
          CECP-102 Introduction to Database Concept Information Technology & Computers
          CECP-103 Software Engineering Methodologies 1 Information Technology & Computers
          CECP-104 Object Oriented Software Engineering Information Technology & Computers
          CECP-105 Introduction to Java Programming Information Technology & Computers
          CECP-837 Basic Cardiac Life Support (CPR) Basic Rescuer (C) Short Course BLS-8 Special Interest
          CECP-838 Basic Rescuer (C) Recertification, BLS-REC Special Interest
          CECR-801 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Certification Transportation
          CECS-104 The Early Childhood Educator and the Community Child & Family Studies
          CECS-105 Field Placement 1: Infant and Toddler Child & Family Studies
          CECS-106 Field Practicum - Preschool Child & Family Studies
          CECS-107 Final Practicum - Specialized Child & Family Studies
          CEDI-808 Driving Instructor Training - Part 1 Transportation
          CEDI-809 Driving Instructor Training - Part 2 Transportation
          CEDI-819 Driver Instructor Training - Full-time Transportation
          CEDI-850 Driver Instructor - Full-Time (Ottawa Location) Transportation
          CEDL-100 Basic Botany Distance Learning
          CEDL-101 Instructional Technology in Adult Education Distance Learning
          CEDL-102 Instructing/Facilitating an On-Line Course Distance Learning
          CEDL-106 Astronomy Distance Learning
          CEDL-107 Insurance Reimbursement for Massage Therapists: Working with Auto Insurance and WSIB Cases Distance Learning
          CEDL-112 Introduction to Computers 2 Distance Learning
          CEDL-115 Introduction to E-Business Distance Learning
          CEDL-116 Record Keeping and Report Writing Distance Learning
          CEDL-120 Collective Bargaining Distance Learning
          CEDM-922 Truck and Coach Technician Exam Preparation Transportation
          CEDN-002 Intermediate C# Information Technology & Computers
          CEDN-003 Web Application Development Using ASP.Net Information Technology & Computers
          CEDN-004 Database with MS SQL Server 2016 Information Technology & Computers
          CEDN-005 Distributed Components - Windows Components Foundations Information Technology & Computers
          CEDN-006 Advanced C# Information Technology & Computers
          CEEA-110 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase 1 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CEEA-200 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase 2 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CEED-101 Working Safely: Safe Care of Self/Others Distance Learning
          CEED-103 Foundations of Education Distance Learning
          CEED-104 Personal and Interpersonal Dynamics Distance Learning
          CEED-105 Development Across the Lifespan - Developmental Psychology Distance Learning
          CEED-106 Cultural Diversity in an Education Setting Distance Learning
          CEED-107 Orientation to Schools and the Assistant Role 1 -Placement Prep Distance Learning
          CEED-108 Orientation to Schools and the Assistant Role and Seminars 2 (Placement 1) Distance Learning
          CEED-201 Computers in Education Distance Learning
          CEED-202 Classroom Skills Distance Learning
          CEED-203 Exceptionalities 1- Behaviour & Mental Health Distance Learning
          CEED-204 Exceptionalities II: Communications Distance Learning
          CEED-205 Exceptionalities III - Physical and Multiple Exceptionalities Distance Learning
          CEED-206 Communications in Educational Setting 1 Distance Learning
          CEED-207 Mathematics for EA in an Educational Setting Distance Learning
          CEED-301 Adaptive Technology Distance Learning
          CEED-302 Learning Strategies for EA Distance Learning
          CEED-303 EA Role Practicum A and Seminars (Placement 2) Distance Learning
          CEED-304 EA Role Practicum B and Seminars (Placement 3) Distance Learning
          CEED-305 Communications in Educational Setting 2 Distance Learning
          CEED-401 Autism Spectrum Disorder Distance Learning
          CEED-403 Life Skills and Job Coaching - Transition Planning Distance Learning
          CEED-501 Abuse and Family Violence Distance Learning
          CEED-502 Racism and Discrimination Distance Learning
          CEEF-101 Translation in the Workplace 1 Distance Learning
          CEEF-102 Translation in the Workplace 2 Distance Learning
          CEEF-103 Translation in the Workplace 3 Distance Learning
          CEEF-104 Translation in the Workplace 4 Distance Learning
          CEEF-105 Translation in the Workplace 5 Distance Learning
          CEFN-801 Retirement Planning Business
          CEFN-802 Risk Management and Estate Planning Business
          CEFN-803 Strategic Investment Planning Business
          CEFN-804 Income Tax Planning Business
          CEGI-101 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems Distance Learning
          CEGI-102 GIS Software - ArcView Distance Learning
          CEGI-103 Remote Sensing Distance Learning
          CEGI-104 Internet Mapping Distance Learning
          CEGI-105 Designing, Managing/Implementing a GIS Distance Learning
          CEGI-106 Global Positioning Systems Distance Learning
          CEGS-101 Preparatory Biology Distance Learning
          CEGS-103 Preparatory Physics Distance Learning
          CEHI-101 Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Inspection Distance Learning
          CEHI-102 Communication/Professional Practices Distance Learning
          CEHI-103 Electrical Inspection Distance Learning
          CEHI-104 Exterior Inspection Distance Learning
          CEHI-105 Heating Inspection I Distance Learning
          CEHI-106 Heating Inspection II Distance Learning
          CEHI-107 Interior/Insulation Inspection Distance Learning
          CEHI-108 Plumbing Inspection Distance Learning
          CEHI-109 Roofing Inspection Distance Learning
          CEHI-110 Structural Inspection Distance Learning
          CEHR-942 Payroll Administration Business
          CEHR-966 Grievances Arbitration and Contract Administration Business
          CEHS-954 Basic Arrhythmia Interpretation Health Professionals
          CEHS-955 Advanced IV Therapy & Phelebotomy Health Professionals
          CEHT-100 Health Records Management 1 Business
          CEHT-101 Health Records Management 2 Business
          CEHT-102 Health Care Terminology Business
          CEID-043 Adults with Learning Disabilities (Online) Teacher Trainer of Adults
          CEID-052 Assessment and Evaluation Distance Learning
          CEIL-108 World Religion: Western and Eastern Traditions Distance Learning
          CEIL-120 Managing a Diverse Learning Environment Distance Learning
          CEIL-130 Computer Skills for Small Business Advanced Distance Learning
          CEIL-151 Introduction to Computers 1 Distance Learning
          CEIL-300 Android Application Development Distance Learning
          CEIL-301 iPhone Application Development Distance Learning
          CEIL-302 Web Design for Mobile Applications Distance Learning
          CEIL-750 Keyboard for Computers Distance Learning
          CEIL-780 Landlord and Tenant Law Distance Learning
          CEIL-816 JAVA - Introduction Distance Learning
          CEIL-820 Introduction to HTML Programming Distance Learning
          CEIL-821 Intermediate HTML Programming Distance Learning
          CEIL-823 JAVA - Intermediate Distance Learning
          CEIL-829 Management Leadership Skills Distance Learning
          CEIL-835 Photoshop 1 Distance Learning
          CEIL-844 Publisher Distance Learning
          CEIL-845 Desktop Publishing for Business Using Word Distance Learning
          CEIL-853 QuickBooks Introduction Distance Learning
          CEIL-855 Sage 50 - (Formerly Simply Accounting) Distance Learning
          CEIL-862 Intercultural Communication Distance Learning
          CEIL-864 Introduction to C# Programming Distance Learning
          CEIL-865 Web Application Development with ASP.NET and C# Distance Learning
          CEIL-870 Office Procedures Distance Learning
          CEIL-872 Introduction to Medical Transcription Distance Learning
          CEIL-873 Advanced Medical Transcription Distance Learning
          CEIL-874 Medical Office Procedures Distance Learning
          CEIL-875 Essentials in Health Records Management Distance Learning
          CEIL-876 Medical Keyboarding Distance Learning
          CEIL-880 Legal Terminology Distance Learning
          CEIL-881 Legal Office Procedures Distance Learning
          CEIL-889 Medical OHIP Billing Distance Learning
          CEIL-890 Medical Terminology Distance Learning
          CEIL-891 Working and Communicating in a Medical Setting Distance Learning
          CEIL-892 Pharmacology for the Medical Office Distance Learning
          CEIL-893 Medical Conditions for Medical Office Staff Distance Learning
          CEIL-894 Understanding Medical Tests for Medical Office Staff Distance Learning
          CEIL-895 Understanding Surgical Procedures for Medical Office Staff Distance Learning
          CEIL-896 Entrepreneurship Distance Learning
          CEIL-897 Dental Terminology Distance Learning
          CEIL-898 Veterinary Office Skills and Procedures Distance Learning
          CEIL-899 Veterinary Terminology Distance Learning
          CEIL-900 Styles and Practices of Medical Transcription Distance Learning
          CEIL-901 Medical Transcription Fundamentals Distance Learning
          CEIL-911 Leadership and Ethics Distance Learning
          CEIL-916 JAVA Advanced Distance Learning
          CEIL-920 Dreamweaver (Webpage Authoring) Distance Learning
          CEIL-921 Dreamweaver Advanced Distance Learning
          CEIL-922 Flash - Introduction Distance Learning
          CEIL-923 Flash - Intermediate Distance Learning
          CEIL-926 Photoshop 2 Distance Learning
          CEIL-927 QuickBooks Advanced Distance Learning
          CEIL-940 Internet Essentials Distance Learning
          CEIL-988 Microsoft Software Integration Distance Learning
          CEIL-989 Microsoft Office 365 Distance Learning
          CEIL-990 Adobe Acrobat Distance Learning
          CEIL-991 Microsoft Office 2013 Distance Learning
          CEIL-992 Presentations and Desktop Publishing Distance Learning
          CEIV-100 Inventor Fundamentals - Level 1 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CEIV-200 Inventor Fundamentals - Level 2 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CEIV-300 Inventor Fundamentals - Level 3 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CELC-910 Real Estate 1 Business
          CELC-911 Real Estate 2 Business
          CELC-912 Corporate Law Business
          CELC-914 Family Law Distance Learning
          CELC-915 Litigation 1 Business
          CELC-916 Litigation 2 Business
          CELC-921 Real Estate - Law Clerk Business
          CELC-922 Estates - Law Clerk Business
          CELC-923 Civil Litigation - Law Clerk Business
          CELC-924 Corporate Law - Law Clerk Distance Learning
          CELC-941 Legal Documentation Business
          CELC-942 Legal Software Business
          CELC-943 Litigation Practice and Procedure 1 Distance Learning
          CELC-944 Litigation Practice Procedure 2 Distance Learning
          CELC-946 Criminal Law Distance Learning
          CELC-947 Wills and Estates Practice and Procedure Distance Learning
          CEMA-101 Mortgage Agent Licensing Program Distance Learning
          CEMC-961 ACCPAC For Windows- General Ledger Distance Learning
          CEMC-962 ACCPAC For Windows- Accounts Receivable Distance Learning
          CEMC-963 ACCPAC For Windows- Accounts Payable Distance Learning
          CEMC-971 Introduction to Unix/Linux Information Technology & Computers
          CEMG-101 Principles of Industrial Traffic Business
          CEMG-102 Inventory Control Business
          CEMG-103 Fundamentals of Operations Management Business
          CEMG-104 Operations Management II Distance Learning
          CEMG-908 Logistics Management Business
          CEMG-909 Fundamentals of Project Management Business
          CEMG-910 Project Planning and Control Business
          CEMG-911 Project Quality Procurement and Logistics Business
          CEMG-918 MS Project Business
          CEMG-919 Managing Information Technology Projects Business
          CEMG-922 Project Communication and Team Building Business
          CEMG-924 Project Estimating and Cost Management Business
          CEMG-940 Introduction to Project Management Distance Learning
          CEMG-941 Project Management Scheduling Software Distance Learning
          CEMG-942 Project Definition and Planning Distance Learning
          CEMG-943 Project Management and the Human Interface Distance Learning
          CEMG-944 Project Risk Control and Quality Management Distance Learning
          CEMG-945 Contracting and Procurement in Project Management Distance Learning
          CEMG-946 Directed Studies in Project Management Distance Learning
          CEMG-948 Supply Chain Management Business
          CEMG-949 Enterprise Resource Planning Business
          CEMM-801 Intro. to Motorcycle Repair Transportation
          CEMM-802 Motorcycle Engines Transportation
          CEMM-803 Motorcycle Electrical Transportation
          CEMO-801 Motorcycle Rider Training CEMO-801 Transportation
          CEMO-804 Motorcycling Rider Refresher Transportation
          CEMO-805 M2 Exit Motorcycling Rider Training Transportation
          CEMO-808 Introduction to Motorcycling CEMO-808 Transportation
          CEMS-975 Using Advanced Features of Microsoft PowerPoint Teacher Trainer of Adults
          CEMS-981 Microsoft Word Information Technology & Computers
          CEMS-982 Microsoft Word-Advanced Distance Learning
          CEMS-983 Microsoft Excel Information Technology & Computers
          CEMS-984 Microsoft Excel-Advanced Distance Learning
          CEMS-985 Microsoft Access Distance Learning
          CEMS-986 Microsoft PowerPoint-Comprehensive Distance Learning
          CEMS-987 Microsoft Access-Advanced Distance Learning
          CEOA-124 Financial Applications Business
          CEOA-204 Medical Office Procedures Business
          CEOA-208 Medical Machine Transcription Business
          CEOA-210 Medical Machine Transcription 2 Business
          CEOA-232 Computer Keyboarding Distance Learning
          CEOA-400 UML Modeling with CASE Tool Distance Learning
          CEOA-906 Ophthalmic Assistant - Phase 1 Distance Learning
          CEOA-907 Ophthalmic Assistant - Phase 2 Distance Learning
          CEOL-102 Current Issues in Adult Education Distance Learning
          CEOL-103 Developing Effective Teams Distance Learning
          CEOL-104 Coaching and Developing People Distance Learning
          CEOL-112 Issues in Adult Education Distance Learning
          CEOL-151 Legal and Ethical Issues Around Aging Distance Learning
          CEOL-154 Anger Management Distance Learning
          CEOL-200 Criminal Psychology - Psychopathic Minds Distance Learning
          CEOL-201 Criminal Psychology II - Criminal Minds Distance Learning
          CEOL-202 Sexual Violence Distance Learning
          CEOL-203 Domestic and Workplace Violence Distance Learning
          CEOL-204 Cults and Terrorism Distance Learning
          CEOL-205 Codependancy as an Addiction Distance Learning
          CEOL-206 Criminal Investigative Analysis Introduction Distance Learning
          CEOL-207 Forensic Psychology Distance Learning
          CEOL-220 I Write the Songs Distance Learning
          CEQA-240 Principles of Quality Assurance Distance Learning
          CEQA-241 Total Quality Management Distance Learning
          CEQA-242 Computer Applications in Quality Assurance Distance Learning
          CEQA-243 Statistical Methods of Quality Assurance Distance Learning
          CEQA-401 Quality Concepts Business
          CERB-601 Electrical Fundamentals Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CERB-602 Electrical Construction and Maintenance 1 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CERB-603 Electrical Construction and Maintenance 2 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CERB-604 Electrical Safety Code and Regulations Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CERB-605 Electrical Systems and Control Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CERC-101 Introduction to Relocation (Non-Members) Distance Learning
          CERC-102 Essentials of Domestic Relocation Distance Learning
          CERC-103 Essentials of International Relocation Distance Learning
          CERE-801 Real Estate Practice and Procedure 1 Distance Learning
          CERE-802 Real Estate Practice and Procedure 2 Distance Learning
          CERW-101 Introduction to Relocation (Members) Distance Learning
          CESA-100 Art of the Comics Media, Arts and Design
          CESA-101 Life Drawing Media, Arts and Design
          CESB-902 Consulting as a Career Business
          CESD-101 The NEW Sex ED 101: What you need to know Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESD-102 Pleasures and Pitfalls of Seniors&#039; Dating Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESD-103 Positive Aging Movement Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESD-816 Automotive Detailing Transportation
          CESD-916 Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting Transportation
          CESD-917 MIG Welding - A Novice Approach Transportation
          CESD-933 Small Engine Repair Transportation
          CESD-945 Hybrid Electric Vehicles Transportation
          CESI-115 Personal Professional Branding Through Social Media Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESI-118 Bals Favourites - Dine and Develop Culinary Skills with Spice Goddess - Bal Arneson
          CESI-119 Festival Feast - Dine and Develop Culinary Skills with the Spice Goddess - Bal Arneson
          CESI-120 Healthy Eating - Dine and Develop Culinary Skills with the Spice Goddess - Bal Arneson
          CESI-121 Veggie Night - Dine and Develop Culinary Skills with Spice Goddess - Bal Arneson
          CESI-123 Wedding in a Tent
          CESI-126 Customs and Traditions of Chinese Weddings
          CESI-128 Single: Successful and Happy
          CESI-140 Lean Green Belt Training Business
          CESI-302 Issues in Social Media Distance Learning
          CESI-304 Planning for Retirement Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESI-400 International Business Fundamentals Business
          CESI-401 Importing Management Principles Business
          CESI-402 Exporting Management Principles Business
          CESI-403 Global Logistics Business
          CESI-404 Customs Service and Compliance Business
          CESI-405 Financial Management for Import/Export Administration Business
          CESI-501 Global Bridal Intensive Workshop Series Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESI-707 Voice and Speech Make-Over for Better Business Communication Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESI-755 中国福利彩票客户端 Design and Renovations Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESI-773 Caring for Those with Alzheimer&#039;s Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESI-774 Makeup for Everyone Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESI-800 Estate Organization Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESI-872 Mixology Workshop Lifestyle & Leisure
          CESI-997 Creative Writing - Beginners Distance Learning
          CESM-900 Automotive Service Technician Exam Preparation Transportation
          CETD-101 Assessing performance needs Teacher Trainer of Adults
          CETD-102 Designing Training Teacher Trainer of Adults
          CETD-103 Facilitating Training Teacher Trainer of Adults
          CETD-104 Evaluating Training Teacher Trainer of Adults
          CETD-105 Practicum Teacher Trainer of Adults
          CETE-208 Introductory Network Security Information Technology & Computers
          CETE-934 Authentication Information Technology & Computers
          CETE-938 Content Filtering Information Technology & Computers
          CETE-978 TCP/IP and Other Internet Protocols Information Technology & Computers
          CETH-101 Introduction to Thanatology Distance Learning
          CETH-102 Religious Beliefs/Traditions and Customs of Death Distance Learning
          CETH-103 Mourning, Grief and Bereavement Reactions and Responses to Death Distance Learning
          CETH-104 Coping with Death- Counselling/Support Groups and Alternate Therapies Distance Learning
          CETH-105 Learning From Death and Dying Distance Learning
          CETR-101 Quality Assurance Distance Learning
          CETU-100 Truck and Coach Pre-Certificate Transportation
          CEWR-101 Writing for Publications I Distance Learning
          CEWR-102 Writing for Publications II Distance Learning
          CEWR-103 Grammar for Writing Professionals Distance Learning
          CEWR-104 News Writing 1 Distance Learning
          CEWR-105 Travel Writing Distance Learning
          CEWR-202 Science Fiction Distance Learning
          CEWR-203 Writing Short Stories Distance Learning
          CEWR-204 Romance Writing Distance Learning
          CEWR-205 Introduction to Childrens Literature Distance Learning
          CEWR-206 Introduction to Non-Fiction Distance Learning
          CEWR-207 Writing Mysteries Distance Learning
          CEWS-100 Business Boot Camp Series Business
          CFPE-100 Certified Financial Planner Exam Prep Accounting
          CFRM-140 Introduction to Fundraising Distance Learning
          CFRM-141 Methods of Fundraising Distance Learning
          CFRM-142 Strategic Management of Campaigns Distance Learning
          CFRM-143 Donor Relationships in Fundraising Distance Learning
          CFRM-144 Fundraising as Management Process Distance Learning
          CFRM-145 Volunteer Management Distance Learning
          CFRM-146 Independent Project Distance Learning
          CG-001 Graphic Design Fundamentals Media, Arts and Design
          CG-005 Adobe Illustrator Media, Arts and Design
          CG-006 Adobe Photoshop and Image Processing Media, Arts and Design
          CG-272 Intro to Adobe InDesign Media, Arts and Design
          CG-345 Brand Design and Development Media, Arts and Design
          CG-347 Adobe Creative Suite - Creating Industry Focused Print Design Media, Arts and Design
          CG-350 Adobe After Effects Media, Arts and Design
          CG-500 Web design using HTML5 and CSS3
          CG-600 Web Design & Marketing
          CGBC-001 Building Green with LEED Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CMGV-100 Legal Framework, Governance and Compliance Distance Learning
          CMGV-101 Risk Management and Assessment Distance Learning
          CMGV-102 Programs, Policies, Procedures and Training Distance Learning
          CMGV-103 Governance and Compliance Communications Distance Learning
          CMGV-104 Code of Conduct and Ethics Programs Distance Learning
          CMGV-110 Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions Compliance Programs Distance Learning
          CMGV-111 Consumer Protection Compliance Programs Distance Learning
          CMGV-112 Privacy Programs Distance Learning
          CMGV-113 Anti-Corruption and Bribery Compliance Programs Distance Learning
          CMGV-114 Not-For-Profit Compliance Programs Distance Learning
          CNCL-101 CNC Lathe (Level 1) - Manual Programming and Setup Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CNCL-201 CNC Lathe (Level 2) - CAM Essentials Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CNCL-301 CNC Lathe (Level 3) - Advanced Operation and Toolpath Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CNCM-101 CNC Mill (Level 1) - Manual Programming and Setup Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CNCM-201 CNC Mill (Level 2) - CAM Essentials Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CNCM-301 CNC Mill (Level 3) - Surfacing & Advanced Toolpath Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          CNDO-100 Financial Planning for Condominium Managers Distance Learning
          CNDO-101 Introduction to Condominium Law Distance Learning
          CNDO-102 Physical Building Management Distance Learning
          CNDO-103 Condominium Administration and Human Relations Distance Learning
          COMM-130 Developing Communication Skills English
          COMM-131 Developing Communication Skills (ESL) English
          COMM-140 Essential English Skills Languages
          COMM-141 Essential English Skills (ESL) Languages
          COMM-160 College Communications 1 English
          COMM-161 College Communication 1 (ESL) English
          COMM-170 College Communication 2 English
          COMM-171 College Communication 2 (ESL) English
          COMM-180 College Communication 3 English
          COMP-106 Applied Business Software 1 Business
          COMP-119 Introduction to JavaScript Information Technology & Computers
          COMP-126 Applied Business Software 2 Business
          COMP-300 Introduction to XML Information Technology & Computers
          COMP-423 Introduction to Java Programming Information Technology & Computers
          COMP-424 Intermediate and Advanced Java Information Technology & Computers
          COMP-425 Web Development using Java EE and Open Source Technologies Information Technology & Computers
          COMP-426 Enterprise Application Development using Java EE Information Technology & Computers
          COMP-450 Introduction to Oracle 11G SQL Information Technology & Computers
          COMP-451 Oracle 11G Database Administration Fundamentals 1 Information Technology & Computers
          COMP-452 Oracle 11G Database Administration Fundamentals 2 Information Technology & Computers
          COMP-470 Microsoft Applications with VBA Information Technology & Computers
          COMP-473 HTML and CSS
          COMP-919 Managing Information Technology Projects Information Technology & Computers
          CONF-324 Workplace Health Systems Health Professionals
          CORP-030 Action Learning Business
          CPAC-101 Payroll Compliance Legislation - CPA Business
          CPAC-102 Payroll Fundamentals 1 - CPA Business
          CPAC-103 Payroll Fundamentals 2 - CPA Business
          CSCE-100 Working in the Toronto Shelter System Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          CSCE-101 Leadership Development Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          CSCE-102 Human Resources Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          CSCE-103 Resource Development Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          CSCE-104 Thriving in Crisis and Change Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          CSCE-105 Community 中国福利彩票客户端 Capstone Project Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          CSLG-100 Transborder and Customs Procedure Distance Learning
          CSLG-102 Customs Administration 2 Distance Learning
          CSLG-104 Brokerage and Logistics 2 Distance Learning
          CSLG-105 Dynamics of Conflict Distance Learning
          CSLG-106 Communications and Investigative Report Writing Distance Learning
          CTRN-101 Court Transcription - Novice Business
          CTSS-101 Court Clerk Crminal - OCJ/YCJ Business
          CTSS-102 Communications - Business
          CTSS-103 Court Clerk - Family 1 Business
          CTSS-104 Court Monitor 1 Business
          CTSS-106 Practicum 1 Business
          CTSS-111 Court Clerk - Family 2 Business
          CTSS-112 Court Monitor II Business
          CTSS-113 Clerk/POA Business
          CTSS-114 Practicum 2 Business
          CY-417 Management and Leadership Skills for Early Childhood Educators Child & Family Studies
          CY-419 Staff Supervision and Development in Early Childhood Settings Child & Family Studies
          CYBR-101 Cybersecurity Governance Distance Learning
          CYBR-102 Cybercrime: Threats and Consequences in the Healthcare Sector Distance Learning
          CYCP-102 Counselling & Communication Skills Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-104 Child Development Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-105 Field Practicum 1 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-106 Reflective Practice 1 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-112 Foundations in Child and Youth Care Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-113 Child & Adolescent Mental Health 1 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-114 Preparation for Professional Practice Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-115 Strength-based Practices Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-116 Child and Adolescent Mental Health 2 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-117 Group Dynamics: Processes and Development Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-118 Adolescent Development Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-201 Counselling Theories and Practice Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-206 Field Practicum 2 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-207 Reflective Practice 2 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-210 Child and Adolescent Mental Health 3 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-211 Introduction to the Family Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-212 Advocacy and Children&#039;s Rights Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-213 Group Dynamics: Theory and Practice Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-214 Working with Traumatized Children and Youth Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-215 Professional Recording Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-301 Field Practicum 3 Specialized - Part 1 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-302 Reflective Practice 3 - Part 1 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-303 Child Abuse Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-304 Advanced Counselling Skills Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-306 Field Practicum 3 Specialized - Part 2 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-307 Reflective Practice 3 - Part 2 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-311 Evidence-Based Practices 1 Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-312 Crisis Theory & Interventions Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-313 Working with Families Child & Family Studies
          CYCP-314 Evidence-Based Practices 2 Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-102 Counselling and Communication Skills Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-104 Developmental Issues in Childhood and Adolescence Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-105 Field Practicum 1 Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-106 Integrative Seminar 1 Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-112 Introduction to Child and Youth Work Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-113 Child and Adolescent Mental Health 1 Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-114 Preparation for Professional Practice Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-115 Residential Treatment and School-based Programs in CYW Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-116 Child and Adolescent Mental Health 2 Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-117 Group Dynamics: Processes and Development Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-201 Multimodal Therapies in Child and Youth Work Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-206 Field Practicum 2 Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-207 Integrative (Field) Seminar 2 Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-210 Child and Adolescent Mental Health 3 Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-211 Introduction to the Family Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-212 Advocacy Law in Children&#039;s Mental Health Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-213 Group Dynamics: Theory and Practice Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-214 Working with Traumatized Children and Youth Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-215 Professional Recording Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-301 Field Practicum 3 Specialized (Part 1) Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-302 Integrative Field Seminar 3 (Part 1)
          CYWP-303 Child Abuse: Physical, Emotional and Sexual Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-304 Advanced Counselling Skills Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-306 Field Practicum 3 Specialized (Part 2) Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-307 Integrative Field Seminar 3 (part 2) Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-308 Crisis Intervention (In-class) Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-311 Evidence Based Programming Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-312 Crisis Theory and Interventions Child & Family Studies
          CYWP-313 CYW Approach to Working with Families Child & Family Studies
          DARP-301 Data Modeling Information Technology & Computers
          DASC-001 Introduction to Data Science Information Technology & Computers
          DRAW-001 Drawing Workshop Lifestyle & Leisure
          DRON-100 Drone Ground Training Media, Arts and Design
          DRON-200 Drone Flight Training Media, Arts and Design
          DSCE-200 Intro to Person-Centered Planning Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          DSCE-201 Person-Centered Facilitation Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          DSCE-202 Community Building Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          DSCE-203 Social Capital and Macro Change Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          ECAD-101 Developing Child Care Programs Child & Family Studies
          ECAD-102 Health and Safety Compliance Child & Family Studies
          ECAD-103 Creating a Positive Environment Child & Family Studies
          ECAD-104 Finance Child & Family Studies
          ECAD-205 Human Resources Child & Family Studies
          ECAD-206 Family and Community Relations Child & Family Studies
          ECAD-207 ECE Administrators Field Placement Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-101 Keys to Success in ECE Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-102 The Learning Environment: The Third Teacher Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-103 The Healthy Development of the Whole Child Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-104 An Introduction to Early Childhood Education Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-105 Field Preparation Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-117 Observing Child Development Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-118 Focus on the Program Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-120 Tools for Lifelong Learning Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-122 Infant Toddler Development Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-125 Responsive Caregiving Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-127 Field Practicum - Infants and Toddlers Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-130 Observing Infant and Toddler Development Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-131 Child Centred Curriculum Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-132 Guidance 1 Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-133 Health and Wellness Practice Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-210 Preschool and School Age Development Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-211 Positive Guidance Strategies 1 Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-212 Preschool Curriculum Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-213 Health and Wellness - Preschool and School Age Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-214 Developing Partnerships with Families Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-215 Perspective in Family Violence Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-216 Field Practicum - Preschool Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-220 Inclusion of Children with Special Needs Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-221 Preschool and School Age Curriculum Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-222 Advocacy Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-223 Professional Development Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-226 Final Practicum Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-227 Positive Guidance Strategies 2 Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-230 Guidance 2 Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-231 Observing Preschool and School-Age Development Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-232 Understanding and Communicating with Families Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-233 Inclusion of Children with Special Needs Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-234 Preschool/School-Age Curriculum: The Project Approach
          ECEP-236 Advocacy and the Emerging Professional Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-237 Child Abuse Child & Family Studies
          ECEP-239 Preschool Curriculum: Supporting Children&#039;s Inquiry Child & Family Studies
          ECON-104 Principles of Micro Economics Accounting
          ECON-205 Principles of Micro Economics Accounting
          ECON-206 Principles of Macro Economics Accounting
          ECON-305 Economics for Business and Management Business
          ECWS-600 Employer Connections 101 Information Technology & Computers
          ENGL-250 Report Writing in a Technical Environment English
          ENGL-253 Advanced Business Communications English
          ENRG-101 Biomass Systems Installation, Maintenance & Repair Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          ENRG-201 Wind Turbine Installation & Maintenance (Basic) Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          ENRG-300 Energy Auditing Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          ENTD-500 Entrepreneurship - Part One: The Fundamentals Business
          ENTD-502 Business Operations Business
          ENTD-503 Marketing Business
          ENTD-504 Using the Internet for Business Business
          ENTD-505 Business Accounting and Finance Business
          ENTP-302 Creating and Managing Innovation Business
          ENTP-331 Developing a Business Plan Business
          ESTH-305 Nail Application Health Professionals
          EVNT-701 Introduction to Event Management Hospitality
          EVNT-702 Networking and Industry Relations Hospitality
          EVNT-703 Event Sales and Marketing Hospitality
          EVNT-704 Event Budgeting Hospitality
          EVNT-705 Volunteer and Team Building Hospitality
          EVNT-706 Sponsorship Development Hospitality
          FHCT-100 Food Handler Certificate
          FINA-345 Retirement Consultant Certificate Prep Distance Learning
          FLCM-101 Production Design Media, Arts and Design
          FLDP-604 Field Placement 1 Child & Family Studies
          FLDP-605 Field Placement 2 Child & Family Studies
          FNED-205 Exploring Digital Culture Pt 1
          FNED-206 Exploring Digital Culture Pt 2
          FSWR-101 Role of the Food Service Worker
          FSWR-102 Workplace Communications
          FSWR-103 Sanitation and Safety
          FSWR-104 Nutrition in Health Care
          FSWR-105 Kitchen Equipment and Food Preparation
          FSWR-106 Food Service Worker Field Placement
          FTEC-101 Introduction to Financial Technology Distance Learning
          FTEC-201 Blockchain- Origins and Applications Distance Learning
          FTEC-301 Big Data and AI in Finance and Business Distance Learning
          FTEC-401 Innovative Financial Systems Distance Learning
          GAST-201 Gas Technician 2 (G2) Training (Module 10-14, 16, 21 & 23) Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          GAST-202 Gas Technician 2 (G2) Training (Module 15, 17-20, 22 & 24) Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          GAST-301 G3, Part 1 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          GAST-302 G3, Part 2 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          GAST-303 G3, Part 3 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          GENO-101 Fundamentals of Genomics Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          GN-100 Overview of the Field of Aging Health Professionals
          GN-103 Interpersonal and Group Interactions Health Professionals
          GN-110 Introduction to Activation Health Professionals
          GN-111 Physiology of Aging and Activation Health Professionals
          GN-112 Functional Limitation on Mental Health Health Professionals
          GN-113 Promoting Physical Abilities Health Professionals
          GN-114 Promoting Cognitive and Social Abilities Health Professionals
          GN-115 Practicum in Activation Health Professionals
          GNED-105 Contemporary Canada: Places, People and Perspectives General Education
          GNED-110 Employment Law in Canada General Education
          GNED-120 Introduction to Complementary Therapies General Education
          GNED-123 Logical Self-Defense General Education
          GNED-126 Occupational Health and Safety General Education
          GNED-127 Personal Finance General Education
          GNED-128 Personality and Growth General Education
          GNED-129 Principles of Psychology General Education
          GNED-130 Principles of Sociology General Education
          GNED-135 Social Psychology General Education
          GNED-137 Wellness Approach to Stress Management General Education
          GNED-140 Healthy Lifestyle Management General Education
          GNED-144 Developmental Psychology General Education
          GNED-147 Ethics in Business General Education
          GNED-159 World Geography for Tourism General Education
          GNED-160 Customer Service: Modern Approach General Education
          GNED-169 Popular Culture in the 21st Century General Education
          GNED-172 World Religions General Education
          GNED-175 Perspectives on Human Sexuality General Education
          GNED-179 Mastering the Moment General Education
          GNED-190 Growing Up Digital - Living and Working in Canada General Education
          GNED-199 Latin and Ballroom Dancing General Education
          GNED-212 Tech, Society, Ethics and Environment General Education
          GNED-213 Women, Gender and Pop Culture General Education
          GNED-219 The Canadian Workplace Experience General Education
          GNED-222 The Music Effect General Education
          GNED-250 First Peoples Stories: Current Issues General Education
          GNED-302 Energy and Environmental Sustainability General Education
          GNED-400 Inclusive Leadership Practices: Leadership in Contemporary Workplaces Distance Learning
          GNED-401 Inclusive Leadership Practices: Building Capacity for Inclusion Distance Learning
          GNED-402 Inclusive Leadership Practices: Creating Inclusive Cultures in the Workplace Distance Learning
          GNED-500 Global Citizenship General Education
          HACC-100 BRC HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          HC-408 Health Assessment Skills for the RPN Health Professionals
          HEAR-800 Hearing Conservation and Audiometry
          HEAR-801 Refresher/Hearing Conservation and Audiometry Lifestyle & Leisure
          HRMT-300 Organizational Behaviour Business
          HRMT-301 Human Resource Management Business
          HRMT-302 Recruitment and Selection Business
          HRMT-306 Employment Law Business
          HRMT-307 Human Resource Planning Business
          HRMT-308 Labour Relations Business
          HRMT-310 Occupational Health and Safety Business
          HRMT-311 Compensation and Benefits Business
          HRMT-312 Employee Training and Development Business
          HRMT-316 Dispute Resolution Business
          HRMT-317 Managerial Accounting for Human Resources Management Business
          HRMT-318 Payroll Business
          HRMT-321 Religious Accommodation in the Workplace and Schools Business
          HSCI-110 The Study of Aging - Introduction Health Professionals
          HTAP-100 Restaurant Operations Hospitality
          HUM-312 Indigenous Peoples: A Global Perspective Distance Learning
          IHCC-100 Health, Safety and Nutrition Child & Family Studies
          IHCC-101 Operating a 中国福利彩票客户端 Child Care Business Child & Family Studies
          IHCC-102 Caring for Children Throughout the Day Child & Family Studies
          IHCC-103 Partnership with Parents Child & Family Studies
          IHCC-104 Connecting with Your Community Child & Family Studies
          IMCM-103 Web Tools Media, Arts and Design
          IMCM-106 Web Analytics Media, Arts and Design
          INTL-220 International Business Concepts Business
          INTL-231 Traffic and Transportation Distance Learning
          INTL-304 World Systems: History, Geopolitics and Culture Business
          INTL-332 Exporting Business
          INTL-335 Importing Business
          INTL-336 International Management: Strategy and Negotiation Business
          INTL-339 International Business Planning Business
          IPIC-101 Trademark Foundations and Lifecycle Business
          IPIC-102 Searches and Filing a Trademark Application Business
          JO-501 Sports Journalism Media & Design
          JO-502 Investigative Reporting Media & Design
          JOBS-221 Job Search Skills Business
          LANG-970 Hindi Conversation 2 Languages
          LASH-101 Lash Extensions
          LAWS-111 Introduction to Canadian Law Business
          LITE-201 Lighting Design for Professionals Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          LSDV-100 Creative and Critical Thinking (LDS) Distance Learning
          LSDV-101 Performance Management (LDS) Distance Learning
          LSDV-102 Project Management (LDS) Distance Learning
          LSDV-105 Leading Teams Distance Learning
          LSDV-106 Finance and Leadership Distance Learning
          LSDV-107 Managing Change Distance Learning
          LSDV-109 Leading Responsibly Distance Learning
          LTCM-701 Advanced Management Practices Hospitality
          LTRM-700 Operational Overview Distance Learning
          LTRM-701 Financial Management Distance Learning
          LTRM-702 Sales and Marketing Distance Learning
          LTRM-703 Environmental 中国福利彩票客户端 Distance Learning
          LTRM-704 HRM and Labour Relations Distance Learning
          LTRM-705 Healthy Adult Aging Distance Learning
          LTRM-706 Resident-Centered Care Distance Learning
          LTRM-707 Food Nutrition and Hospitality Management Distance Learning
          MADT-001 Overview of Modern Mobile Systems Information Technology & Computers
          MADT-002 Developing Mobile Applications for Mobile Devices Information Technology & Computers
          MADT-003 Creating Mobile Web Applications Information Technology & Computers
          MADT-004 Testing Strategies for Mobile Applications Information Technology & Computers
          MATH-101 Mathematics 1 Mathematics
          MATH-102 Mathematics 2 Mathematics
          MATH-106 Mathematics of Finance Mathematics
          MATH-111 Mathematics for Architecture Mathematics
          MATH-112 Mathematics for Architecture 2 Mathematics
          MATH-118 Mathematics of Finance 1 Business
          MATH-119 Mathematics of Finance 2 Business
          MATH-128 Mathematics Of Finance 1-E Business
          MATH-140 Technology Mathematics 1 Mathematics
          MATH-149 Mathematics for Computer Systems 1 Mathematics
          MATH-169 Mathematics for Computer Systems 2 Mathematics
          MATH-170 Technology Mathematics 2 Mathematics
          MATH-176 Mathematics 2 Mathematics
          MATH-180 Technology Mathematics 3 Mathematics
          MATH-186 Statistics for Applied Science Mathematics
          MATH-210 Linear Algebra & Statistics Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          MATH-220 Mathematics 3 Mathematics
          MATH-221 Mathematics 4 Mathematics
          MATH-231 Differential Calculus with Analytic Geometry Mathematics
          MATH-232 Integral Calculus Mathematics
          MATH-269 Statistics for Computer Systems Mathematics
          MATH-285 Calculus Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          MDRP-110 Introduction to Medical Device Reprocessing Health Professionals
          MDRP-111 Reprocessing 1 - Decontamination Health Professionals
          MDRP-112 Reprocessing 2 - Sterilization Health Professionals
          MDRP-113 Surgical Instrumentation Health Professionals
          MDRP-114 Inventory Control Health Professionals
          MDRP-115 Medical Device Reprocessing Practicum Health Professionals
          MEPN-110 Introduction to Medical Esthetics for Nurses Health Professionals
          MEPN-111 Medical Esthetics for Nurses: Laser and Light Therapies Health Professionals
          MEPN-112 Medical Esthetics for Nurses: Cosmetic Injectables Health Professionals
          MGMT-222 Management Principles Business
          MGMT-322 Management Information Systems Business
          MGMT-323 Management Information Systems (with SAP) Business
          MGMT-324 Integrated Business Planning Business
          MHFA-101 Mental Health First Aid Training Child & Family Studies
          MKTG-116 Principles of Marketing Business
          MKTG-221 Practical Applications in Marketing Business
          MKTG-222 Retailing Business
          MKTG-223 Professional Selling Business
          MKTG-224 Market Research Business
          MKTG-225 Business to Business Marketing Business
          MKTG-228 Brand Planning Business
          MKTG-229 Digital Marketing Business
          MKTG-230 Personal Selling Distance Learning
          MKTG-231 Success Through Relationship Building Distance Learning
          MKTG-233 Consumer Analysis Business
          MKTG-301 B2B Marketing and Channel Management Business
          MKTG-305 Internet Research and Marketing Business
          MKTG-331 Marketing Communications Business
          MKTG-332 International Marketing Business
          MKTG-333 Advanced Professional Selling Business
          MKTG-335 Sales Promotion and Direct Response Marketing Business
          MKTG-340 Strategic Marketing Planning Business
          MLAB-201 Phlebotomy Workshop Health Professionals
          MLAB-301 ECG Workshop Health Professionals
          MLPA-110 Professional Practice Health Professionals
          MLPA-120 Laboratory Safety and Equipment Health Professionals
          MLPA-130 ECG, Phlebotomy, & Specimen Management Health Professionals
          MLTP-100 MLPAO/CSMLS Prep (Medical Laboratory Technician) Health Professionals
          MOSC-100 Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Testing Information Technology & Computers
          MSOF-101 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Business
          MSOF-103 MOS Certification Session 2 Business
          MSOF-105 MOS Certification Session 3 Business
          MSOF-107 MOS Certification Session 4 Business
          MSOF-201 MOS Certification Session 5 Business
          MSOF-202 MOS Certification Session 6 Business
          MSOF-203 MOS Certification Session 7 Business
          MSOF-204 MOS Certification Session 8 Business
          MT-102 Properties of Materials Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          MT-121 APPLIED STATICS Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          MT-204 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          MT-257 Quality Assurance Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          MTH-130 Applied Mathematics Mathematics
          MTH-160 Calculus Mathematics
          NP-403 Perioperative Nursing Practicum Health Professionals
          NP-410 Operating Room Practicum Health Professionals
          NP-411 Perioperative Nursing Theory Health Professionals
          NP-412 Perioperative Nursing Lab Health Professionals
          NP-413 Perioperative Theory for RPN Health Professionals
          NP-414 Perioperative Lab for RPN Health Professionals
          NUPD-400 Health Assessment Health Professionals
          NUPD-408 Health Assessment Skills for RN Health Professionals
          NUPD-460 RN Practicum Health Professionals
          NUPH-700 Health Assessment Health Professionals
          NUPH-701 Acute and Chronic Illness Health Professionals
          NUPH-702 Acute and Chronic Illness Practice Health Professionals
          NUPH-703 Ethics and Professional Practice Health Professionals
          NUPH-706 Family Centered Nursing Health Professionals
          NUPH-731 Mental Health and Crisis Management Health Professionals
          NUPH-735 Advanced Communication and Leadership Health Professionals
          NUPH-737 Nursing Research Health Professionals
          NUPH-741 Community Nursing Theory Health Professionals
          NUPH-743 Mental Health Community Practice Health Professionals
          NUPP-700 Pathotherapeutics Health Professionals
          NURS-237 Nursing Research Health Professionals
          OAGN-115 Introduction to Word Processing Business
          OAGN-116 Word Processing Applications Business
          OAGN-118 Document Review & Proofreading Business
          OAGN-125 Office Communications and Procedures Business
          OAGN-127 Machine Transcription Business
          OAGN-261 Integrated Software Applications Business
          OAME-236 Health Care Terminology 1 Business
          OAME-237 Health Care Terminology 2 Business
          OAMT-101 Minute Taking Workshop Business
          OASH-101 Shorthand Workshop Business
          OELL-130 Construction Industry Distance Learning
          OELL-131 Commercial Construction Principles Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          OELL-132 Commercial Construction Management Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          OELL-133 Project Construction Management Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          OELL-134 Construction Planning and Scheduling Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          OELL-320 Construction Contracts and Documents Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          OLRN-025 Continuous Improvement Process Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          OLRN-120 The Business of Tomorrow Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          OLRN-315 Supervisory Skills for Business and Industry Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          OLRN-345 Developing Effective Teams Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          OLRN-835 Coaching and Developing People Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          OMGT-129 Intro to Supply Chain and Business Operations Business
          OMGT-220 Purchasing Supply Management with SAP Business
          OMGT-221 Purchasing and Value Analysis Business
          OMGT-223 Production Planning and Control Business
          OMGT-226 Materials Management Business
          OMGT-229 Project Management for Business Business
          PAPA-703 Updated Resuscitation Guidelines Health Professionals
          PARA-868 Expanding Paramedicine in the Community (EPIC) Health Professionals
          PATH-400 Pathotherapeutics Health Professionals
          PBIO-101 Agricultural Biotechnology- Plant Cell Tissue Culture Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PFPR-101 Canadian Criminal Justice System Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          PFPR-104 Principles of Ethical Reasoning Distance Learning
          PFPR-121 Criminal and Civil Law Distance Learning
          PFPR-123 Interpersonal and Group Dynamics Distance Learning
          PFPR-124 Public Administration Distance Learning
          PFPR-125 Criminology for Policing Distance Learning
          PFPR-127 Issues in Diversity Distance Learning
          PFPR-128 First Nations People Distance Learning
          PFPR-203 Criminal Code Distance Learning
          PFPR-204 Interviewing and Investigations Distance Learning
          PFPR-205 Youth in Conflict with the Law Distance Learning
          PFPR-206 Provincial Offences Distance Learning
          PFPR-208 Police Communications 1 Distance Learning
          PFPR-209 Police Communications 2 Distance Learning
          PFPR-210 Police Powers 1 Distance Learning
          PFPR-211 Police Powers 2 Distance Learning
          PFPR-221 Investigation and Evidence Distance Learning
          PFPR-222 Criminal Code and Federal Statutes Distance Learning
          PFPR-224 Traffic Management Distance Learning
          PFPR-225 Lifestyle Management - Fitness II Distance Learning
          PFPR-226 Community Policing 1 Distance Learning
          PHOT-001 Photography Workshop Lifestyle & Leisure
          PHYS-100 Applied Physics Mathematics
          PI-100 Infection Prevention and Control Health Professionals
          PI-200 Infection Prevention and Control Practicum Health Professionals
          PI-300 Advanced Infection Prevention and Control Health Professionals
          PMLS-100 Fundamental Skill Consolidation Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          PMLS-101 Communication Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          PMLS-102 Employment Law for Leadership Development Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          PMLS-103 Project Management Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          PMLS-104 Creative and Critical Thinking Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          PMLS-105 Performance Management Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          PMLS-106 Leading Teams Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          PMLS-110 Human Relations Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          PMLS-111 Leading Responsibly Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          PMLS-112 Managing Change Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          PRCM-101 Public Relations Fundamentals Media, Arts and Design
          PRCM-102 Strategic Communications Mangement Media, Arts and Design
          PRCM-103 Social Media Media, Arts and Design
          PRCM-104 Writing for Public Relations Media, Arts and Design
          PRCM-105 Media Blogger Relations Media, Arts and Design
          PRLG-101 Paralegal Licensing Exam Prep Business
          PTBA-100 Building Automation Systems Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PTMF-100 Intro to Machining and Fabrication Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PTOP-100 3D Printer: Equipment Operation and Part Programming Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PTPC-101 PLC - System Installation Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PTPC-102 PLC - System Testing and Troubleshooting Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PTPC-103 PLC - Software Programming and Commissioning Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PTPV-100 Solar PV Installation for Electricians (Journeyperson and Apprentices) - Part A Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PTPV-102 Solar PV Installation for Electricians (Journeyperson and Apprentices) - Part B Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PTRE-100 Renewable Energy Generating Storage Systems for Electricians (Journeypersons and Apprentices), Electrical Technicians and Technologists Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PTSD-100 Podcasting Technology Simplified
          PTSL-101 Sustainable Lighting Design for Electricians, Electrical Apprentices and Technicians Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PTSW-100 SolidWorks Essentials Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          PTSW-201 SolidWorks - Weldments Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          RCMO-801 Senior Management Distance Learning
          RCMO-802 Field Placement 1 Distance Learning
          RECA-203 Intro to Music Recording & Audio Engineering Media, Arts and Design
          RECA-204 Advanced Audio Engineering & Music Mixing Media, Arts and Design
          RECA-222 Digital Audio Recording for Multimedia Media, Arts and Design
          RECA-339 Digital Audio Music Production with Protools Media, Arts and Design
          RECA-340 MIDI, Programming and Synthesis Media, Arts and Design
          RECA-341 Fundamentals of Music Arranging for Producers Media, Arts and Design
          REVT-101 Introduction to Revit Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          REVT-102 Revit Module 2 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          RS-127 International Trade Finance (FITT) Business
          RS-128 Global Entrepreneurship (FITT) Business
          RS-129 International Trade Research (FITT) Business
          RS-133 Legal Aspects of International Trade (FITT) Business
          RS-134 International Trade Management (FITT) Business
          RS-135 International Trade Logistics (FITT) Business
          RS-138 International Market-Entry and Distribution (FITT) Business
          SAFE-101 SafeTalk Training Session Lifestyle & Leisure
          SAMS-500 Measurements & Instrumentation in Samsung Service Applications Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          SAMS-501 Samsung Systems & Controls Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          SAMS-504 G3 Prep. Part 3 Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          SCHS-100 Integrating Process Based Visual Arts Child & Family Studies
          SING-001 Raise Your Voice Workshop Lifestyle & Leisure
          SMAL-222 Small Business Finance Business
          SMAL-307 Entrepreneurial Opportunities Business
          SMED-101 Introduction to Social Media Distance Learning
          SMED-102 Developing a Social Media Strategy Distance Learning
          SMED-103 Monitoring and Measurement Distance Learning
          SMED-104 Digital Communication Distance Learning
          SMED-105 Applied Social Media in Business Distance Learning
          SMED-106 Social Media Privacy and Security Distance Learning
          SMED-107 Branding in Business and Personal Social Media Distance Learning
          SMED-108 Risk Management in Social Media Distance Learning
          SMED-109 Social Media Applied Policy Distance Learning
          SMSC-101 Electrical Components Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          SMSC-102 Mechanical Components and Electrical Drives Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          SMSC-103 Electropneumatic and Hydraulic Control Circuits Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          SMSC-104 Digital Fundamentals & PLC's Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          SMSC-105 Electricity and Fluid Power in Mechatronics Systems Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          SMSC-106 Mechanical and PLC Fundamentals Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          SN-400 Exploring Inclusion Child & Family Studies
          SN-401 Working with Families Child & Family Studies
          SN-402 Field Practicum 1
          SN-403 Service Planning Child & Family Studies
          SN-404 Strategies for Success and Inclusion Child & Family Studies
          SN-405 Resource Coordination Child & Family Studies
          SN-406 Advocacy in the 中国福利彩票客户端, School and Community Child & Family Studies
          SN-407 Research and Conference Planning Child & Family Studies
          SN-408 Field Practicum 2
          SPAT-100 Introduction to Human Body Systems Health Professionals
          SQAT-001 Introduction to Testing Principles and Methodologies Information Technology & Computers
          SQAT-002 Writing Testable Requirements Information Technology & Computers
          SQAT-003 Selecting and Implementing Software Testing Tools Information Technology & Computers
          SQAT-004 Managing the Testing Process Information Technology & Computers
          SQAT-005 Software Quality Assurance Information Technology & Computers
          SQAT-006 Software Testing Automation Tools and Best Practices Information Technology & Computers
          SQAT-007 Test Automation using Selenium Information Technology & Computers
          SQFM-101 Implementing SQF Systems for Manufacturers Engineering Technology & Applied Science
          SRFR-303 Scrum Framework Information Technology & Computers
          SSDP-001 SQL Server 2012 Development Information Technology & Computers
          SSDP-002 SQL Server 2012 Administration Information Technology & Computers
          SSDP-003 SQL Server 2012 Performance Tuning Information Technology & Computers
          SSPP-110 Introduction to Sterile Supply Health Professionals
          SSPP-111 Reprocessing 1 - Decontamination Health Professionals
          SSPP-112 Reprocessing 2 - Sterilization Health Professionals
          SSPP-113 Surgical Instrumentation Health Professionals
          SSPP-114 Inventory Control Health Professionals
          SSPP-115 Sterile Supply Practicum Health Professionals
          SSWP-116 Practice Skills and Communication Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          SSWP-121 Social Service Work and Pathways to Practice Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          SSWR-101 Power, Privilege and Oppression Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          SSWR-102 Relational and Reflective Skills for Social Service Workers Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          SSWR-304 Field Placement 1 Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          SSWR-402 Field Placement 2 Community 中国福利彩票客户端
          TAXI-100 Taxi Driving Training Transportation
          TESL-101 Foundations and Methodology Teaching English as a Second Language
          TESL-102 Linguistics and Pedagogical Grammar Teaching English as a Second Language
          TESL-103 Teaching Skills 1 Teaching English as a Second Language
          TESL-104 Practicum Teaching English as a Second Language
          TESL-202 Language and Culture Teaching English as a Second Language
          TESL-204 Assessment and Evaluation in ESL Teaching English as a Second Language
          TESL-205 Teaching Skills2 Teaching English as a Second Language
          TESL-208 Practicum 2 Teaching English as a Second Language
          TEST-112 Assessment and Information Sessions for Support Worker (PSW) Programs Health Professionals
          TLHE-701 Foundations Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
          TLHE-702 Learner Centered Teaching Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
          TLHE-703 Assessing and Evaluating Learning Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
          TLHE-704 Action Research Teaching Practicum Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
          TLHE-712 Social Media in Education Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
          TLHE-715 New Program Development Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
          TLHE-718 Global Citizenship and Equity in Education Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
          TLHE-719 Open Educational Resources (OERs) Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
          TREC-101 Understanding Disability Child & Family Studies
          TREC-102 Steps to Independence Child & Family Studies
          TREC-103 Community Supports Child & Family Studies
          TREC-201 Risk Management Child & Family Studies
          TREC-202 Active Living Child & Family Studies
          TREC-203 Professional Development Advocacy Child & Family Studies
          UMLS-001 Introduction to UML Information Technology & Computers
          UMLS-002 Software Design with UML Information Technology & Computers
          UMLS-003 Software Design Patterns Information Technology & Computers
          UXGM-001 UI/UX Gaming Information Technology & Computers
          VICM-100 Video Storytelling Media, Arts and Design
          VOLM-101 Volunteer Management Foundations Distance Learning
          VOLM-102 Volunteer Management Spectrum of Engagement Distance Learning
          VOLM-103 Volunteer Management Administration Distance Learning
          VOLM-104 Volunteer Management Applied Management Distance Learning
          VROA-100 Virtual Office Administration Business
          WEBD-001 Web Development Information Technology & Computers
          WEBS-001 Web 中国福利彩票客户端 Information Technology & Computers
          WELL-433 Organizational Development Health Professionals
          WRFT-120 Documentary Scriptwriting Distance Learning
          WRFT-125 Dramatic Scriptwriting Distance Learning
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